Intermountain Roofscape Supply is the LiveRoof® grower for Eastern Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado.  In addition to our hybrid green roof systems, we offer a broad array of green roof products to meet all your vegetated roofing needs. Please review our products below, and don’t hesitate to call us (406.287.2268) with any questions you may have.

Live Roof Fully Grown Modules


LiveRoof© Systems

The Proven Hybrid Green Roof System, LiveRoof® combines the best features of all green roof systems:

  • Natural Function/ Natural Beauty of built-in-place systems
  • Speed of installation of modules
  • Prevegetation of carpet systems
  • Plant diversity of 2 1/2″-6″ of soil.

(Learn more about the LiveRoof© System) To learn more about the LiveRoof© and Roofstone Systems: LiveRoof©: 22 points of differentiation (A)

LiveRoof© Installers Guide (A)

LiveRoof© Maintenance Guide (A)

RoofStone Brochure (A)


* Intermountain Roofscape Supply can custom blend green roof soil for different applications.


LiveRoof® Engineered Green Roof Soil


  • designed to be used in conjunction with the LiveRoof® module and to be the very best green roof soil on the market.
  • be approximately 94% inorganic by dry weight, as is the case by ecologically stable, sustainable, mature green roofs
  • conform to German FLL granulometric standards
  • filter rainwater and bufferacid rain LiveRoof Engineered Green Roof Soil weighs approximately27-29 lbs/sq. ft. fully saturated at 4″ depth when fully vegetated with green roof plants.

Sedum Plugs





We grow over 30 different types sedums and many perennials for use on green roofs. We also carry a large variety of Saxifragas, Sempervivum, and Thyme for rooftop applications. Call for availability. (See list of varieties available)

Native Sod




Sod grown with native grasses just like the old sod roofs of the west!  Native grass roofs are a western tradition, and we pride ourselves in growing full, lush sod roofs.  (A reminder – all grass roofs need regular irrigation (more than a sedum base roof) due to high water needs.)

Wildflower Sod

wildflower pics 150-1



An abundance of gorgeous wildflowers from the Rocky Mountains, grown slabs (11×21) 1.6 square feet. Can be plugged or laid over conventional green roof system.  A great look for clients looking to gaze over a mountain meadow instead of tradition rooftops.





  • Heights from 3″-8.5″ provide for extreme design and flexibility
  • Drainage holes 1.5″ on center to allow maximum water movement
  • Dual sliding connection system allows for maximum strength
  • Corners, Drain Boxes, and Covers available

(Available Colors shows at left – Bronze, Black, Aluminum)




Intermountain also provides integrated RoofStone pavers that are specially designed to be used in junction with our LiveRoof pre-vegetated system.  The video to the left demonstrates how easy RoofStone pavers are to install – no need for fiddling with frustrating pedestals.  We can order RoofStone pavers for any patio or roof installations that are not utilizing our vegetated roofs – these pavers ‘stand alone’ and can be used by themselves on your roof or patio project.





Incorporating a roof top or patio Vegetable garden is a wonderful design!  We have a module system that works great for this type of installation, and incorporates well into our standard and deep LiveRoof modules.  (These “Maxx” modules are 1×1 and allow for a sufficient root depth for vegetable plants.)